What is Mellitus

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Diabetes mellitus is a kind of diabetes. A large number of people are affected with this disease worldwide. A person suffering from diabetes has high blood sugar level because the insulin produced in the body is not sufficient and does not allow glucose to flow into bloodstream and convert it to energy. No one likes to suffer with this disease as it is a lifelong disease. If diabetes mellitus is not treated in time, it may lead to health complications such as kidney failure, heart problem and others. Generally Diabetes mellitus is of three kinds:Diabetes which depends on insulin known as juvenile onset diabetes.Diabetes which doesn’t depends on insulin also known as adult onset diabetes.Gestational diabetes which causes mostly at the time of pregnancy.

One should be competent enough to know whether you are affected with this disease or not, you must know some of the symptoms of diabetes mellitus. Such as increase in thirst, extreme hunger, frequent urination, weight loss, partial blindness and others. It is advisable to visit physician as early as possible if any of the symptoms are found in the body. Physician will advise to do test of blood and urine. The reports will confirm whether you’re suffering with diabetes mellitus or not. Presently there is no treatment to eradicate this disease. It’s a continuous treatment to manage this disease. The main objective of this treatment is to manage normal sugar level and to prevent from other health complications.

What is Mellitus

Prevention starts with awareness, you should aware of the risk factors such as diet, excess weight, and family history. These under mentioned points are some of the preventive measures to be taken to reduce the risk factor of developing this disease:

Prevention of diabetes should be focused on decreasing risk factors. A diabetic person should have an active life style, for that you should do regular activities for at least 30mins every day.

Avoid non vegetarian food and eat lot of fruits, by following this you can reduce the risk factor of being developing this disease.

For people the don’t know what is mellitus it can be prevented by keeping ones blood pressure normal. Blood pressure can be controlled by regular exercise and healthy diet.

One another way to reduce the risk of developing diabetes is to keep their cholesterol normal. You can monitor through regular blood tests.

There are various other factors responsible to the risk of getting diabetes. These factors cannot be changed so one should take proper healthy diet and do regular exercises programs to prevent development of diabetes in your body. Along with usage of drugs, diabetes mellitus can be cured with natural means. Natural therapy has proven to be best medication. It is more effective method to cure disease. Some of the natural cures for diabetes mellitus are:

Diet plan plays a vital role in lowering blood glucose levels. While planning diet the expert considers about the subject body weight and the amount of activity you do in a day. A weight lose plan is necessary to control glucose blood level. A balance diet containing vitamins and minerals is one of the important factors to control diabetes.

Regular exercise helps to burn excess fat and excess glucose as energy from body. You should take care of your skin properly. Any type of cuts, blisters and infections of skin should be informed to physician. You must protect the skin by keeping it clean, usage of skin softeners and others.

A good way to manage and prevent diabetes mellitus is to recognize it and as you see the symptoms start curing it in a better way.

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